In the beginning of 1980, while I was recuperating from having gone through the windshield of a motor home, I would fly to certain shows to see Bob & Jean and of course to see Kate show. When all of my surgeries were done and I received the okay from the doctors, I started showing dogs. I had a couple of poodle clients; I also showed Border Terriers, Wheaton Terriers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Boxers.

It was when I started showing more and more poodles that I would be in the ring with the other breeds thinking, "I wonder if they are spraying up the poodles." We kept showing more and more poodles so I stopped showing the other breeds; it was just too hard to be in the ring and also have to get the poodles ready.

We have finished a lot of Poodles and dogs of other breeds, I have had many BIS poodles, and now we are showing some French Bulldogs again. I have taught several people how to scissor and show dogs and I have had a lot of help in the past.

Right now I have a great crew, they know what I want and just like anything else, they question me sometimes. But you know they are good when the dogs like them as much as they like you. I give a lot of credit to them for being there for me and all of their help: Lori Logli, Kristen Gerdesmeier, Holly Corbett, and Dani Gerdesmeier. They all have other jobs and Kristen is in school for pharmacy, so they are very much appreciated for their time and assistance.

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